Diamond Kilim

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Beautiful hand-woven wool flat weave. These beautiful rugs come from the coastal area of Mut, Turkey.  This soft pastel rugs inspired the Swedish designers of the mid-century modern movement and are still highly sought after in the Scandinavian countries.  The pinks, sand beiges and light pastels are hallmarks of the region. 

Measurements:  6'1"' W x 9'5"  L

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The Kilim rug has been woven by the women of Anatolia for hundreds of generations dating back thousands of years. Turkish mothers passed down the tradition to their daughters. Collectives of woman would work together to create these beautiful heirlooms. 

One of the most fascinating traditions is the inclusion of geometric symbols and motifs found in every rug. The weavers would add these symbols to every rug. Sometimes it was to personalize the rug for the recipient, sometimes to add their own personal touch with information about the weavers, and sometimes the markings were based on things in the geographic area.  Common symbols include protection, family, children and matrimony.

These ancient shapes are still used today and help translate the origin story of  historical and heritage pieces passed down through the generations.  



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