Rug 29 - Boujad Ombre

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Boujad rugs are wovan at the edge of the Middle Atlas mountains, and made of naturel virgin wool, often decorated with colored materials such as  vegetable dye or threads.

These rugs are hand woven by the Berber woman.  All rugs are handmade, double knot 100% natural undyed wool.

This is one of my favorite peices to date.  Neon pink, red and black diamond pattern agaainst a natural tan background.  

Material:  Sheep's wool

Type:  Pile

Dimensions:  6'3" W x 8'x6" L

Vintage and one of a kind, each rug is hand-woven and therefore may have slight imperfections and wear. 

All vintage rugs are fnal sale.   

The condition of this rug is excellent.


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