Napkins - Blue/Grey Checks, Picot

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Our LIDO custom designed napkins are 100% block printed cotton.

Block printing is an ancient artisan practice that dates back 2,000 years.  The design is achieved by carving blocks of wood, dipping each block in a specific color and stamping the fabric with each block of color until the final design is achieved.

Each napkin is 18" x 18" with a hand-stitched picot edged hem.

Fabric:  100% cotton

Sold in sets of 4

Many of the prints and patterns complement one another, and sets can be mixed and matched.

Care:  Machine wash cold, tumble or hang dry.

Block print is a slow, hand process. It is not mass-produced or mass-manufactured.  As a result of the artisan practice, no two pieces are exactly the same.  We do not consider these irregularities but rather what makes each piece special.  

Please note the ties shown around the napkin bundles are used from waste scrap fabric.  The exact pattern or tie method in the photos may be different to what is sent.


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